Dark Sorceress Costume Adult Female

SKU: ac79011
Dark Sorceress Costume Adult Costumes Female One Size Fits Most Bristol Novelty _1

Dark Sorceress Costume Adult Female

SKU: ac79011
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Are you a natural night owl? Does “dinner” mean 9pm or later? Does 2am sound like the ideal time to go for a run? Are you known to bake a pie or clean the house when everyone else sleeps? It sounds like the magic of your productivity might be tied to the stars and moon! If you’re most comfortable in the cover of night, then we suggest a costume that plays to your strong suit. This Women's Dark Sorceress Dress will prove to be a perfect accomplice to your evenings. Even if the Halloween party starts at 8pm, you won’t arrive until at least 11—which is when it’s really getting started anyway, you just have to glide in wearing this dark and mysterious garb. When people ask you where you’ve been you can answer them—or not; the mysteries of the night are yours to reveal when the mood strikes you. You can hide your identity or simply lurk in the shadows as you watch the partygoers retire, one by one. You’re just ramping up, so you can dance until the last guest has gone, then help your pal clean up; you may even be inspired to cook her a lovely late night meal. When everyone’s finally fast asleep, you can sit by the window in this gauzy getup and absorb the ancient wisdom of the moonlight. Embrace your dark side and see the magic of your ways, just be sure to catch up on your sleep at some point!

Dark Sorceress Costume

Female - Adult - Uk Size 10- 14

Contents: Hooded Dress

Colour: Black

Age Group: Adult

Main Colour: Black
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