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      They say no matter how good you are at drawing and design, an artist is only as good as their paint brushes. That's why when applying your face paint, it's crucial you have the correct tools at hand. So why not make sure you're giving yourself the best possible chance to create some fantastic face paint designs by using some of MAD Distribution high quality face paint brushes and sponges. Our range contains everything you need to do the perfect face paint, with a variety of different brushes and sizes available, from thin precision tips for the finer details to thick brushes that are perfect for wide strokes. We also have a selection of sponges that are perfect for covering large areas. Fun for both Adults and Children, it doesn't matter if you're doing the face paint for a character costume or creating your own unique design, face paint brushes from MAD Distribution have the quality to complete any makeup.

      Brushes and Sponges (7)

      Triangle Sponges Adult White


      Brush Set Adult White


      Sponges Pack Of 3 Adult White


      Cosmetic Brush Set Pack Of 3 Adult Black


      Foam Make up Sponges Adult Beige


      Sponges High Density Pkt/4 |Make Up| Unisex Pack 4


      Cosmetic Sponges |2 in a pkt| Pink Make Up Unisex One Size