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We have such a cute collection of giraffe costumes, for adults and kids, that we had to create a dedicated category so they could all live in one place. Giraffe fancy dress is a great animal costume for any event, and suitable for men, women, girls and boys. Well as the giraffes say, you don’t get any leaves unless you stick your neck out, and when you decide to dress up as your favourite African animal, whether it’s for a fancy-dress party, Halloween or you just like giraffes, you’ll be doing just this. Unless you travel to the heart of the Sahara Desert, where giraffes roam freely, you may never get up close and personal with this majestic beast, so why not bring the safari to you with our friendly little giraffe outfits?

4 products
Giraffe Costume Adult Brown_1 sm-44421S
Giraffe Costume Adult Brown_4
Giraffe Costume Kids Brow...
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Giraffe Felt Mask_1 sm-72073
Giraffe Felt Mask
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Giraffe Costume 128cm Childrens Unisex To Fit Child Upto Height_1 CC606
Giraffe Costume 128cm Chi...
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Giraffe Kit_1 sm-72011
Giraffe Kit
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