Do you want to build a snow man? Of course you do! They're the perfect way to celebrate the cold Christmas weather, even if they do melt during the summer time (much to the dismay of Frosty and Olaf). There's a way to continue the holiday fun without melting when you go inside with our selection of snowman costumes!

These snowman costumes come in a variety of sizes and styles, including snowman style dresses and funny mascot style costumes. We even have a whole array of cute snowman outfits for your little baby.

Snowman Costumes (16)

Snowman Toddler Childrens Costumes Unisex Toddler


Snowman Costume Adult White


Snowman |Small| Childrens Costumes Unisex Small 5 7 Years


Snowman |Medium| Childrens Costumes Unisex Medium 7 9 Years


Snowman Toddler Costume Kids White


Snowman Mascot Costume Adult White


Snowman Kit |Instant Disguises| Unisex One Size


Snowman Costume With Tabard Carrot Nose Kids White


Snowman Costume Set Adult Costume Unisex One Size