Halloween Grotesque Burlesque Fancy Dress

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    Let's face it, we go to Halloween parties to let our hair down, have fun and socialize. And if you’re a woman, this might well involve looking just as fantastic as you do on any other night out. Not every Halloween costume allows for this, however; it’s quite difficult be glamorous when you’re dripping with gore, or covered in festering stab-wounds. Fortunately you can rely on Hollywood to help sort yourself out.

    In this section you’ll find costumes inspired by macabre cabaret – including all the requisite accessories, such as hats, masks and face veils. If you’re after something a little bit saucy, but still distinctly terrifying, then you’ve come to the right place. In this range are a range of different costumes, some of them vampyric, some of them skeletal, and some of them downright devilish. All draw heavily from the world of 1930s vaudeville, and from the world of classic gothic art and literature which makes Halloween the festival of darkness it is today.

    These are costumes which marry glamour and sleaze with some of the darkness we here at MAD Distribution are so enamoured with. One of these costumes is exactly what you need to pick up before assuming your place on center-stage.

    Halloween Burlesque Costumes

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