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        Scary Clown and Circus Costumes

        Just what is it with clowns? While we’re sure they’re lovely people underneath all of the garish hair and painted-on smiles, it must be said that their profession is one uniquely capable of freaking us out. We’re sure that we aren’t alone in thinking that there’s something about their permanently happy faces, silence and desperation to inspire joy which makes them unfailingly creepy. What better costume, then, for a Halloween party, than one which inspires such terror?

        Of course, the reputation of the clown isn’t helped when they wield machetes, as many of the offerings on these pages do. In this section you’ll find a whole troupe of clowns. We have standard clowns alongside clowns equipped with terrifying sets of fangs, otherworldly eyeballs and bizarrely contorted faces. We have modern clowns alongside medieval jesters. Whatever sort of clown you’re after, we have the terrifying costume for you.

        But it doesn’t end with clowns - Also in this collection you’ll find a great many other circus-inspired offerings, including snake charmers, knife-throwers and lion. And so, if you’re looking for something a little darkly entertaining, take a look through our selection – you’re sure to find something to make your friends laugh and scream.

        Halloween Cirque Sinister Fancy Dress (2)

        Deluxe Cirque Sinister Vicious Circus Lion Costume Adult Beige/Brown


        Cirque Sinister Scary Bo Bo The Clown Costume Adult Red/Black

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