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      Are you search for extra ways to accessorize your outfit? False eyelashes are a fantastic way of accessorising your face and standing out from the crowd at your next fancy dress party or event. The range offered by the fancy dress experts at MAD Distribution contains a wide variety of eyelashes both large and small to suit any style of event or occasion. For the simple look, we have a whole host of colours that cover every type of subtle extension, keeping your look natural whilst still adding more length and colour. For those wanting to wear something more large and outlandish lashes that really make a statement, we've also got a whole host of styles to choose from. You could parade around the party in your Polk Dot eyelashes, or accessorize with our Aqua dot lashes that are great for festivals or other similar events. Whatever event you want to wear your lashes to, MAD Distributions selection of false eyelashes are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

      False Eyelashes (43)

      Eyelashes, Top and Bottom Set, Long Adult Black


      Eyelashes, Peacock Feathers Adult Purple


      Eyelashes, Natural, Volume Adult Black


      Eyelashes, Natural, Lengthen Adult Black


      Eyelashes, Large Feather with Aqua Dots Adult Black


      Eyelashes, Feather Adult Brown


      Eyelashes with Droplets Adult Black


      Eyelashes Spiderwebs with Glitter Adult Blue


      Eyelashes Blue Miscellaneous Disguises Female Pair

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