1970s Costumes

The start of the 70s saw massive changes in the World. 1960s flower power was on the decline and ready to be replaced with Disco Divas. Pop culture icons such as Freddie Mercury were breaking into the music scene, and flicked wigs and funky flares were the latest fashion trends. At MAD Distribution, to make sure you don't miss any of the 70s massive changes, we've ensured every outfit style has been catered for. You can hit the Dance floor as a Disco Dude or in the Dancing Dream costume, hold on to the 60s Hippy Cultures as a Psychedelic Rocker or show your Swedish side in the Super Trooper Cape with 70s Flick Wig. Alternatively, our selection of 70s TV & Film Fancy Dress incorporates classic 70s shows. Letting you touch based with the Tracy's in the Thunderbirds Virgil Costume, or be like the Blues Brothers in the Blues Brothers costume & Fedora.

1970's Disco (87)

1970s Colour Shirt Adult Black


1970s Dancing Dream Costume Adult Blue


1970s Dancing Dream Costume Adult Pink


1970s Necklace |Costume Accessories| Unisex One Size


1970s Retro Costume Adult Black


1970s Suit Costume Adult White


70s Afro Wig Adult Brown


70s Disco Dirtbag Kit Adult Black


70s Disco Dude Wig Adult Brown