Girls Velvet Burgundy Hooded Cloak. (Childrens Costumes) - Female - One Size. Halloween Costume
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Girls Velvet Burgundy Hooded Cloak |Childrens Costumes| Female One Size

Velvet Burgundy Hooded Cloak.

Pack Contents: Hooded Velvet Cloak Costume Wrap Up Your Little One This Halloween With This Fabulous Costume Accompaniment. This Beautiful Velvet Burgundy Cloak Comes With Gold Satin Lined Hood And Tie Ribbon Fastening To Neckline. Includes: Burgundy Velvet Cloak With Gold Satin Lined Hood. Please Note This Cloak Is 88cm Long, And Will Fit At Varying Lengths On A Child From Age 4-8 Years.

Pack Contents: Units: Each.

Pack Contents: Female / Girls - Kids - One Size

Colour: Burgundy.

Cloak is 88cm long

Size: Cloak is 88cm long